Feb 23, 2011

My Nephew's First Birthday Cake!

My nephew's first birthday cake, and my first time in a long time using marzipan! This was a joint effort with my sister and brother in law! Turned out really cute :)

Feb 21, 2011

Hearts Galore!

These were the Christmas hearts I made for the KZNSA for their Buzzart 2010/2011.

Feb 15, 2011

U2 360 Concert at Soccer City, Johannesburg

I've just come back from a weekend in JHB to watch U2. I stitched this image together its a little rough, but you get the idea! What an amazing experience, an incredible work of art!

Feb 8, 2011

Sunflower surprise!

My darling boyfriend hand picked these sunflowers on the road! Really beautiful.

Feb 3, 2011

Bored at work

Trying to make my workstation a little more interesting! Things have been quiet lately!